AirMini Mount System

AirMini Mount System

AirMini Mount System

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Product Description

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The AirMini mount system allows the AirMini device to be secured to points such as a bedframe, bedside table, wall or airplane seat pocket.


Prevent the smaller/lighter AirMini device from moving while you sleep. Stablize your AirMini device to prevent damage from falling to the floor. 

The device can be mounted on the wall, to your nightstand, or to the outside of your bedframe.

What's Included

1 AirMini Device Mount
1 Mattress Module
1 Hook Module
1 Wall Module
(screws and adhesive tape not included)

Helpful Product Information

Wall module screw max diameter: 2.5mm

Gross dimensions: 3.4" (H) x 4.2" (W) x 1.7" (D)