CPAP Cleaning Supplies

There are several types of CPAP cleaning products on the market. Each has its own use. Some products clean your mask while others are required to clean your hose and tubing. Understanding the purpose of each product allows you to take advantage of its benefits. Clean masks and tubing free of debris will give you a better night's sleep and make your sleep apnea treatment more effective.

CPAP Cleaning Supplies Products

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Contour | Flat Pack CPAP Wipes (unscented) 72/pk


CPAPology | Monty Hose Brush Cleaner 15mm

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BUNDLE | Deep Clean Package

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Lumin Sanitizing System Replacement UVC Light Bulb

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Lumin Bullet UVC Sanitizing System

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Lumin UVC Sanitizing System


First, we will talk about CPAP mask wipes. These remove dirt and oils from your CPAP mask to optimize its seal and reduce the risk of irritation. They are made from 100% cotton, are alcohol free and are latex free to prevent allergies. You clean your mask daily, but wipes are not a replacement for regular cleaning.

How do you clean your hose? There are special stainless steel brushes that are long enough to scrub the entire length of the hose. The firm bristles are ideal for removing stuck-on dirt and bacteria in hard-to-reach areas. It allows for safe and easy cleaning.

For deep cleaning, check out the Lumen UVC Sanitizing System. It disinfects CPAP masks, water chambers, and other accessories. All you have to do is put your accessories inside and let UV-C light sanitize each one. However, tubing may need a more thorough cleaning.

We recommend the Lumin Bullet UVC Sanitizing System to disinfect CPAP tubing quickly. It uses a special UV LED to sanitize a CPAP hose quickly and efficiently. It is rechargeable and lasts up to 30 uses.

In addition to using our CPAP cleaning supplies, you should establish a proper maintenance routine. After disconnecting your machine from its power source and your accessories from your machine, you can begin. Clean your mask cushion and headgear daily in a sink or tub with mild soap and a clean cloth. Let them dry on a towel away from sunlight. Do the same with air tubing and the humidifier, which should be clean, clear, and free of discolouration after cleaning.

Using the proper CPAP cleaning supplies in conjunction with a daily routine will help you breathe better at night. Fresh equipment allows for better breathing and lets top quality thrive. Replacement will be less frequent if you take care of your device and its accessories. Call or visit Liberty Sleep in Winnipeg for top quality CPAP cleaning products and advice from experts!

CPAP Cleaning Supplies FAQS

How often should I clean my CPAP equipment?

You should clean your CPAP mask cushion, CPAP mask, and humidifier every morning. Be sure to use mild soap and a soft cloth. Leaving the equipment to dry away from sunlight on a towel ensures it is ready for use the following night.

Why should I clean my CPAP equipment?

Clean CPAP equipment comes with a plethora of benefits. It prevents bacteria and debris from getting into your airway and makes your therapy more effective. Additionally, maintaining your equipment extends its lifespan. The manufacturer's warranty only covers problems with the machine or equipment itself , not traditional wear and tear.