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Our portable CPAP products give you the same results as back home. Each mask, machine and accessory is designed with travel in mind. Pairing a device like the ResMed AirMini with the MediStrom Pilot 24 Lite CPAP Battery in remote locations ensures you never run out of power during your trip. The products are compact, which makes it easier for you to take bulkier accessories like the ResMed AirMini Tubing with you in the AirMini Premium Travel Bag. Just be sure to bring the proper documentation from your doctor to get through the airport without worry.

CPAP Travel Machines & Accessories Products

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Purdoux AirMini Filters (15pk)

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Medistrom | Pilot 24 Lite CPAP Battery


Treating your sleep apnea on the go has several advantages. Here are the products available at Liberty Sleep and their many benefits.

A portable CPAP machine is arguably the most important part of your therapy. A device like the ResMed AirMini APAP is known for its portability since it weighs less than a pound. There is waterless humidification and you have full control of your machine with the AirMini app. The integrated system works with several setup packs to reap the benefits of therapy on the go

Now, let's move on to the setup packs. The one you choose will depend on the type of mask you use. However, all packs have some aspects in common. They come with a mask adapter which lets you connect many different masks to your machine. The AirMini Tubing is small, comfortable and is easy to attach and remove. The HumidX humidifier allows you to warm the air coming through your machine's hose without distilled water.

Do you like camping or going on road trips? If you do, check out the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP battery that helps you avoid power interruption during the night. It can also be used as a charging station for other electronic devices. The AirMini DC/DC Converter allows you to operate your AirMini machine from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket in vehicles like cars or boats.

There are also special filters for AirMini devices. They remove dust and debris and prevent particles from entering the machine. You will need these to filter the air coming through your CPAP device.

Lastly, there are bags to carry your CPAP travel products. Choose from the AirMini Premium Travel Bag or AirMini Hard Travel Case from ResMed. They will keep your equipment safe at all times.

Overall, there are many reasons to purchase CPAP travel products. They help you keep your sleep apnea under control everywhere you go. Their portability makes them convenient for long flights and road trips. The proper supplies will give you a better night's sleep. Consult with your doctor to choose products that suit your needs and treatment. Call or visit Liberty Sleep in Winnipeg to learn more about the advantages of CPAP travel machines and accessories!

Travel Products & Accessories FAQS

How easy is it to travel with a CPAP machine?

Travelling with a CPAP machine does not have to be difficult. Planning and preparation can save you time and energy. Ensure the device you choose is approved for use on airplanes. Check the manufacturer's website or contact the company directly to ensure the device is FAA-approved. Also, ask your airline if CPAP machines are allowed on board.

What are the benefits of using CPAP travel products?

CPAP travel products make life easier because they allow you to continue treatment away from home. They are lightweight and portable, so you can take them everywhere. The necessary equipment will not interrupt your CPAP therapy on trips.