CPAP Tubing Canada

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from sleep apnea, you know how important it is to get a good night's sleep.

But if your CPAP tubing is old or damaged, it can make it difficult to get the quality sleep you need.

CPAP hoses and tubing are an essential part of your CPAP machine or mask, and replacing it regularly can help you get better sleep and feel more rested during the day.

Our prices are affordable and we offer great deals on CPAP accessory bundles, so you can get the rest you need, by providing a comfortable and airtight connection between your CPAP machine and mask and save some cash.

All our CPAP Tubing Canada is:

  •   Made of a durable, medical-grade material that will not break down over time.
  •     Designed to be lightweight and flexible, making it easy to travel with.
  •     Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate different needs.
  •     Easily cleaned with soap and water.
  •     Compatible with all standard new CPAP machines and masks.

CPAP Tubing Canada Products

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Drive | Economy CPAP Tubing

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Philips Respironics | 15mm Heated Tube


At, we offer different types of tubing and accessories to meet every customer’s needs. These include:

- CPAP Tube Accessories

- Essential CPAP Tube Accessories Package Bundle

- CPAP Tube Cleaning Accessories

- CPAP Tube Filters

At Liberty Sleep Apnea, we care about your well-being and we stand behind that promise.

That is why our products are backed by a 30-day return policy, and refunds will be issued provided that the item is unused like explained on our FAQ here.


How often does CPAP tubing need to be replaced?

Replacing your CPAP tubing every three to six months can be vital to maintaining optimal sleep quality. Order your replacement tubing now and rest easy knowing you are breathing clean fresh air.

Is CPAP tubing universal?

CPAP mask and CPAP hose connections are universal, meaning that most cpap hoses fit any machine. CPAP hoses include 22mm connections for the mask.

Do You Ship CPAP Hose & Tubes Across Canada?

Yes, we offer shipping across Canada and delivery or pickup in Winnipeg. Shipping is FREE on orders over $75.

Do You Offer CPAP Machine Service and Repair?

Yes, we offer sleep apnea treatment and CPAP device service and repairs at our store in Winnipeg located in St. Boniface. Book a visit today. Call 204-837-5337.