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Side Effects Of CPAP Machines & How To Address Them

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Side Effects Of CPAP Machines & How To Address Them

Using a CPAP machine has some side effects. However, you should not let these deter you from CPAP therapy because it decreases sleep apnea symptoms and improves your quality of life.

Nasal Congestion or Dryness

If the air pressure is too high or the humidity level isn’t properly adjusted, you may experience nasal congestion or dryness. The best preventative measure is adjusting the humidity level to a comfortable setting. Using saline nasal spray before bed can help moisturize the nasal passages.

Dry Mouth, Headaches, and Difficulty Falling Asleep

Other potential side effects of CPAP therapy include dry mouth, headaches, and difficulty falling asleep. Adjust your machine’s settings or use a different mask to combat these issues. Consult a healthcare professional if you are experiencing side effects from using a CPAP machine — they will help you address any issues.

Skin Irritation or Pressure Sores

CPAP therapy can cause skin irritation or pressure sores. Ensure your mask fits properly and is adjusted to have a proper seal. Try using a different type of mask or make adjustments to improve the fit to avoid skin irritation and pressure sores.
When a mask is too tight, it rubs against the skin resulting in the previously mentioned conditions. Additionally, tight staps can apply excess pressure to the head, causing red marks and discomfort.

Proper Maintenance to Reduce Risk of Side Effects

Proper maintenance ensures your CPAP machine is functioning correctly and reduces the risk of side effects. Remember to clean the humidifier chamber and air tubing regularly and replace the filter every six months or as needed.

Overall Improvement in Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Quality of Life

Despite its potential side effects, a CPAP machine can help improve your sleep apnea symptoms and quality of life. Making the proper adjustments to the machine or mask, and consulting with your doctor will resolve many issues. Maintaining your machine allows it to function and reduces the risk of side effects.

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