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Essential Travelling Accessories for CPAP Users

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Essential Travelling Accessories for CPAP Users

There are a few things you’ll need to bring with you while travelling in order to use and maintain your CPAP machine. It might take a few extra minutes to pack up these necessary accessories, but it will be worth the effort to sleep well while you’re away from home.

Must Have CPAP Travel Accessories

Be sure to remember these essential items:

Mask and Tubing

The mask and tubing are essential parts of the CPAP system, which deliver pressurized air to the airways — always pack some spares! Choose a comfortable, well-fitting mask for the best treatment results. Consider packing a saline nasal spray to moisturize the nasal passage and reduce dryness if you use a nasal mask.

Power cord and adapters

A power cord with the necessary adapters lets you power your CPAP machine while travelling. Pack a spare power cord in case of any issues or if you lose the original. Ask your airline about in-flight power options because some planes have no outlets or limited power availability. When visiting an area with unreliable power, bring a portable battery pack or a power inverter as a backup.

Humidifier and water chamber

Several CPAP machines have built-in humidifiers to moisten the air and reduce dryness and irritation in the airways. Take the humidifier and water chamber with you alongside any necessary cleaning supplies. When visiting a dry climate, bring an extra water chamber or use a higher humidity setting to reduce dryness.


A CPAP machine’s filter removes impurities from the air. Bring extra filters when travelling, as they may need to be replaced more frequently in different environments.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and replacing the filters. When travelling to an area with poor air quality or allergens, bring a higher-grade filter to protect your airways.

Spare parts and supplies

Bring spare parts and supplies, such as extra masks, tubing, and filters to counteract any issues or emergencies. A small tool kit can help you adjust the machine and fix possible issues.

Carrying case

A carrying case protects your CPAP from damage when you travel. Remember to pack your CPAP machine in its carrying case to prevent damage. Pack your CPAP machine in a sturdy suitcase or bag when checking it in as luggage.

Travel documents

Remember the necessary documents when travelling with a CPAP machine, such as a prescription, a letter from your healthcare provider, or proof of ownership. Some airlines require you to present these documents when checking your CPAP machine in as luggage or when using it on a flight.

Consider packing a neck pillow, earplugs, an eye mask, or a noise-cancelling headset to make your trip more comfortable. Healthy snacks like nuts or fruit will also energize you during your trip.

The proper preparations make travelling with a CPAP machine easier. Packing the necessary accessories and supplies ensures you will have everything you need to use, maintain, and keep your machine safe from damage.

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